My writing has appeared in PAPER Magazine, HuffPost, Quartz, Teen Vogue, Hazlitt, VICE, Splinter, MTV, iD, Broadly, and Harper’s Bazaar India.


Selected Works

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How the Healthcare System Fails People Who Don't Speak English - Splinter News

A look at the ways in which medical physicians are impaired by a broken and xenophobic institution when it comes to providing care to non-English speaking patients.

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The Women Taking on India's Sexual Harassment Problem - iD

In India, street harassment is tidily obscured under the sweet-sounding name “eve teasing.” This euphemism sums up everything from catcalling to physical harassment in public spaces. Women going about their business on India’s streets, worshipping in temples, attending class or traveling via metro or bus might be subject to lewd comments or worse. But there’s little the country does to protect them.


My 'Just in Case' Inheritance - Hazlitt

In 1961, India passed the Dowry Prohibition Act. It made demanding or giving a gift “as a consideration for the marriage” illegal. You couldn’t buy or sell women, the government decided.


Raveena Is Taking Advice From the Moon - Kajal Magazine

I sat down with songstress Raveena to talk about her rise from DIY to cross-country tour. It all started with her video “Sweet Time” and turned into a multi-level production full of stunning visuals and gorgeous music.


Papi Juice is the NYC Party Making Space for Queer Artists of Color - Teen Vogue

A typical Papi Juice party starts like an old-school bop–with a flyer, albeit digital. At the heart of the party, the DJs are spinning old tracks and new, people are vogueing and grinding and twerking and kissing. This is what a new world looks like. (1).jpg

How Anupam Kher Became the South Asian Diaspora’s Father - Kajal Magazine

For brown kids growing up in the West, Kher was our father. He was the bumbling dad with the shiny forehead and big glasses. He was harmless, goofy, and loving. His characters rained affection and advice on their children (often daughters).


The Pursuit of White Women: Brown Actors Like Aziz Ansari Have Reduced Brown Women to a Punchline - Quartz

This is what it means to be a south Asian woman onscreen, you remain the punchline, the afterthought, the add-on, or the barely-explored B story. You will never be romanced seriously. 

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Dressing Like My Immigrant Mother in Donald Trump's America - Teen Vogue

“I have all her wool sweaters, bought in American department stores to add some glamour against the unexpected winters. I also have access to all her saris, which I pull out like library books to return after wedding season is over. It’s like we’re sharing ourselves across the decades; I reach to the back of her closet and pull out the exact outfit she wore at my age.”


Mitski Tells Us What's On Her Mind, and What She's Listening to (k-pop) - iD

As she tours her breakout fourth album 'Puberty 2' across the U.S., Mitski talks about her songwriting strategies and favorite sneakers.

Kimberly Drew

Curator Kimberly Drew on Black Art, Social Media, and Taking Selfies in Museums - Broadly

An interview with the inimitable Kimberley Drew about all things art and curation. We talked about representation in the art world and the origins of her own projects.


How A Traditional Indian Dance Form Found A Home In American Colleges - HuffPost

Featuring my own data visualization, original gifs, images, and reporting, my investigative piece on the competitive collegiate bhangra circuit was inspired by my own time as a bhangra dancer. This was one of the few pieces of news media that attempted to dig deep into the trend that’s already become global.


This Modeling Agency Is On A Mission To Mainstream Trans Beauty - HuffPost

“The models huddle in the doorway leading to a New York City rooftop on a cold winter day, pulling their coats tight around their mini-dresses. They shiver and share laughs — pausing only to stand still for makeup touchups — and swap advice on legally changing their names.”