Planned Parenthood of New York City

I began working at Planned Parenthood of New York City in February 2019 as the Digital Media Coordinator. Since then, I have created and managed marketing campaigns for the planned Greater New York merger, the Planned Parenthood Direct App, Queer Sexual Health, and others.


Ahead of the merger, which will link 5 separate affiliates to form one entity to serve over 60% of New York State, I created graphics and copy to announce it, wrote the announcement email which informed nearly 100k supporters, and advised other communications team members on best use.

PP App 1.GIF
PP App 2.GIF

Planned Parenthood Direct makes birth control and UTI treatment easier – users can just download the app, fill out a short health quiz, talk to a clinician, and make the order for what they need to be delivered to their home or pharmacy. I made these graphics and others and created a social media campaign that emphasized the accessibility of the app which puts the Planned Parenthood care users know and love on their phones.

Review 1.png

My animated gif was even featured on a Manhattan billboard for the Summer, Sex, and Spirits fundraising party.

PPNYC Billboard Cropped.gif

Queer Sexual Health Services 2.png

During Pride Month 2019, I made this graphic to support our campaign around Queer Sexual Health.

It was designed to be shared by our validators and partners across platforms. It illustrates how all our services are utilized by the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our work is synonymous with queer liberation.