NYC Mayor’s Office

As a Creative Communications Producer for the New York City Mayor’s Office and later as a Senior Content Writer for the Super PAC Priorities USA, I crafted and implemented social media campaigns and wrote copy. 

My main focuses were marginalized communities in the city, immigration reform, and public service announcements.


Tweeting for the Mayor

I, alongside my team, managed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s official channels, @nycmayor on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We blasted out key political opinions, policy and program changes, and New York City stories to over a million followers daily across all platforms.

J’Ouvert Parade

Ahead of the J’Ouvert Parade, we were tasked with devising a social media campaign that would do two jobs: allay concerns about safety and also inform parade goers. This meant speaking honestly about the news surrounding the event, as well as sharing the history of the community that celebrates J’Ouvert, its cultural significance, and safety guidelines.



Telling NYC Stories

I utilized a multi-media approach to sharing stories from our city - audio, visual, and text. One of the stories I most enjoyed working on was a video about community organizer Shahana Hanif from Kensington, Brooklyn.