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I tell human stories.

My writing is invested with deep understanding and empathy. From newsrooms to freelance reporting to copywriting, I bring emotional understanding to everything I do. I am primarily concerned with ethnographic documentation, health care justice, women’s rights, and immigration.

In 2014, fresh out of grad school, I started the digital and print magazine Kajal. Over the next four years, I hired a staff of volunteers and grew our readership globally. We focus on creation, curation, and commentary for art and opinion from the South Asian diaspora. Our print magazine, which brings together the work of creators all over the world, is sold in book stores in Mumbai, New York City, San Francisco, and Stockholm.

I got my professional start on the breaking news desk of the Huffington Post. After that I worked as an editor for PAPER, a creative producer for the New York City Mayor’s Office, and a copy writer for the anti-Trump super PAC Priorities USA. Right now I am the Digital Media Coordinator at Planned Parenthood NYC.

I am currently working on my first novel and I freelance for publications like VICE, Hazlitt, Teen Vogue, and more.


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