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I tell human stories.

As a reporter, copywriter, and podcaster, my work is invested with empathy. Through Kajal and my other projects, I seek to document the lived experience of the South Asian diaspora.

I am primarily concerned with ethnographic documentation, health care justice, women’s rights, and immigration. I write, edit, design, film, and do social media for news stories and marketing campaigns.


  • Started Kajal Magazine in 2014, and have since hired a staff of volunteers and found global readership. I also host the Cardamom Pod, the magazine’s culture and news podcast.

  • Print volumes of Kajal are sold in book stores located in Mumbai, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Stockholm. Kajal Vol II, which I curated and edited, is currently in the Getty permanent archives.

  • Worked on the breaking news desk at HuffPost. Operated as writer, fact-checker, investigative reporter, magazine layout designer, and social media editor.

  • Was Weekend Editor at PAPER Magazine, curating stories, writing, and managing social media.

  • Freelance for VICE, Quartz, Teen Vogue, Pitchfork, Hazlitt, MTV, and others.

  • Creative Communications Producer for the NYC Mayor’s Office, growing @NYCMayor account to over a million followers on Twitter.

  • Currently: Digital Media Coordinator at Planned Parenthood NYC. Devising multimedia marketing campaigns for social media. Animating, designing graphics, writing copy, pitching news stories, `writing show scripts, etc. My work has been featured on a Manhattan billboard.


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